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The Story

The Story Of
The Baroness of Carini

Located about 10 miles east of Palermo, Carini is a beautiful town with the priveleges of being home to a world famous castle, which sits on the northernmost bluff overlooking the town and the sea. The castle was built in the 11th centruy in the Arab-Norman style. Throuoght its long life it has been spared most of the ravages of war and conquest and is in remarkable condition. The castle is prehaps most well-known for the crime of passion which occured there in 1563. The Baronessa of Carini was caught "in flagrante" with her lover Ludovico Vernagallo, who also happened to be her cousin. She was murdered but the cousin escaped to Spain where he became a mork. The father readilt took the blame fir the crime because italian socity at the time has a certain respect  for honor killing. However it was suspected imidietly that it was the Baronessa's husband  who it is thought was more upset about the weath at risk than the actual relationship, as thiers was a marraige of convenience, not of  love legend has it that ocaconally  the Barronesses bloody handprint can be seen on the wall there the crime took place and her screams can be heard within the castle. 
Written by: Noemi Ruggeri
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